Step Study Updates

Courtesy of Sara Warfield
Courtesy of Sara Warfield

The first meeting of the 12-step workshop happened yesterday. So great to see everyone there. After a general discussion about the steps, we read the first step in both the Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon step books.

If you’d like to catch up, AA’s first step can be found in pdf form here.   I don’t think the Alanon book is available in pdf form, but you can purchase it. **

(It should be noted that the language in these books, especially the AA text, is not gender neutral and is dated. We’ll talk about this more in the workshop, but you can read a bit about that here.)

We’ll be learning how to work the first step next week at 9:30 on Saturday morning at First Church Berkeley’s Sunburst Room (use Channing St. entrance). All are welcome.

It’s ok if you missed the first workshop — just come next week (and bring a pen and some paper!)

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