A Few Announcements for Psalm September and a Picture of my Dog.

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to let everyone know we’ll be focusing on Psalm 42 tomorrow morning. Hope you can join us!

A few announce9-1-14 288ments:

1.  if the automated daily reminder is driving you nuts, let me know.  (only folks who registered should be getting that)
2. we start at 7 M-Th and 7:30 on Friday (we don’t meet on the weekends)
3. Don’t forget our closing worship on Tuesday September 30 at 6:30. We’ll be at First Congregational Church in Berkeley in the small assembly
4. For more information, please visit https://intothewildernesspopup.wordpress.com/home/psalm-september/
5. Any questions, please email me at wildernesspopup@gmail.com
6. We will be continuing this project after September, likely meeting online on Mondays only, because Meditation Monday sounds alliterative. 🙂  We’ll try to get in a morning and evening session so folks in other time zones can join in

Thanks all!

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