Lent 15: Into the Wilderness

Into the Wilderness is an experimental spiritual community that will meet during Lent.

Courtesy of Sara Warfield
Courtesy of Sara Warfield

There are three parts to Into the Wilderness – you can choose just one, or do all four.

1. Opening ritual

Wednesday, February 18, 6:00– 6:50 p.m. Loper Chapel (First Church Berkeley, at the corner of Dana St and Durant Ave in Berkeley)

Come to the opening ritual to set your intentions for Lent. This short service will include an overview and a time to reflect on your Lenten practice. (It’s ok if you miss the opening ritual! You can still come.)

2. Online Weekly Service**:

Tuesday nights during Lent (2/24 till 3/31), 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Pacific

This service will combine elements of traditional worship with the open sharing of our own stories.  Each service will include  scripture, a brief reflection, silent meditation and time to share as a group. We will close with communion each week.

To participate, please have a candle ready for our opening ritual if you can. Also: bread and grape juice for shared online communion.

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3. Daily Spiritual Practice Covenant Group: Meeting online. Commit to a daily spiritual practice and check-in online with others for mutual support and community. This group will meet on a moderated private Facebook page. To sign up, contact wildernesspopup@gmail.com

4. (Bonus!) Daily reflection: Written by folks in recovery and folks who are hella spiritual.

**Technical Details:  We’re using the AnyMeeting platform, so you can pop over to AnyMeeting.com and check that out beforehand. This is a free service and it lets us welcome a large number of people. Of course, there will likely be technical difficulties, but that’s part of the fun of a spiritual practice. Only 6 webcams can be seen at one time, but we can all hear each other! It helps to have headphones with mics. Our curator logs in 10 minutes early to help you get set up.

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