Don’t Miss the Art of the Annunciation 7/22/15

The Art of the Annuciation
with Dr. Rossitza Schroeder and Dr. Patricia McKee
Wednesday, 6:30 pm to 7:30 PST   on 7.22.15
Into the Wilderness Adult Vacation Bible School

Free, all welcome.

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The Annunciation — which is the story of the angel appearing to Mary — has long been an inspiration to painters. These paintings provide insights into the different ways this story has been viewed over time.

Join us for this brief talk and discussion tomorrow night, online.

For more information about Into the Wilderness and our adult VBS, visit our website.  You also can check out our past sessions.

 Dr. Schroeder specializes in art history of the Byzantine era, and she teaches courses in art and religion, including Islamic art. She is working on a book, “On the Margins of the Byzantine Church,” about monastic images in the spaces that frame 14th-century churches in northern Greece and Constantinople (Istanbul).

Dr. McKee is a scholar of Religion and the Arts, who has taught at Loyola Marymount and California Lutheran Universities, Los Angeles.  Her workasks the question, “How do we make meaning of our lives?”  Together, however, religion and art in relation complicate and enrich this question in myriad ways.  Does art mainly serve religion in the meaning-making process?  Or is art itself a religion?  Does religion need art for its full expression?  Does art need religion—does it need an ethics or aesthetics to be understood and consumed in meaningful ways?  Is art a danger to religious thought? Dr. McKee’s work in this field cuts across several disciplines—theology, art history, religious studies, theatre history, performances studies, and literary criticism. 

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