Psalm September ’15 is Coming….

Looking for a way to jump start your daily meditation practice? Join Into the Wilderness for Psalm September.

The psalms trace the full range and emotion of a life of faith —  from lament to gratitude (sometimes in the same verse).

Some of them seem completely annoying and outdated. We’ll read those too. Join us for teeth-gnashing , songs of praise, and more than one lament, and learn the beauty of these ancient poems and songs.

Online Daily Meditation, M-F, September 1-30,  7 a.m.

(you can drop in whenever…we’re not going in order! New folks welcome.)

All you have to do is sign in here just before 7am. The host logs in ten minutes early to help with technical difficulties.

It would be great to sign up, just to let us know how many folks to plan for.  (but it’s not mandatory!) 

Essentially, we all log into a web meeting, then the day’s host will lead with a prayer, someone will read the psalm of the day, and then everyone will meditate silently for 5 minutes. After that, you can hang out and chat a bit, or head out into your day.

Each evening we’ll post the psalm we’ll be meditating with here on our Facebook . Feel free to post your thoughts, questions, and comments on the blog or on our Facebook page.

Suggested reading:

Praying the Psalms by Nan C. Merrill.   (please excuse the super cheesy cover)

**Technical Details:  We’re using the Zoom platform, so you can pop over to Zoom and check that out beforehand. You’ll be asked to install Zoom (it takes less than a minute).  Of course, there will likely be technical difficulties, but that’s part of the fun of a spiritual practice.

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