Lent is Coming: Into Vulnerability

I hate giving things up. I have zero willpower. Seriously, for me, immediate gratification takes too long. So, what to do with Lent, a season that I used to understand as a time to give something up?

The gift of Lent for me is this: it is a time to give up something/take up something that allows me to step into my vulnerability so that I learn how to be more intimate with myself, other people, and maybe god/the celestial wonder dog/etc. It is useful as a time to take my heart into the wilderness of my brain and see if I can’t be just a little bit less numb or cynical.

This will be Into the Wilderness’ third Lent pop-up. We’re offering a few different practices to support you in your journey. And of course we’re still doing our morning Psalm Meditation and Epiphany Wonder practice.

Hope to see you!  –Leslie

Into the Wilderness will observe our third Lent Season with the following activities:

Daily Flash Lent Prayer: Daily, Feb 10 – March 27

Stay in touch this Lent season through daily prayer. Each day of Lent receive a brief prayer, written by our partner, Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon, texted to your phone  at some random time (between 7am-7pm Pacific time). Let the surprise of it be part of the mystery. Let prayer enter in at unexpected moments and let it be an invitation to stop, to breathe, to experience the Holy in the moment. Beginning February 10.

To participate, text the word JOIN to 510-256-3366.  (This number will be inactive during our off months.)

Online Check-in Group: Wednesdays Feb 17 -March 23  7:00-7:45 pm (PST)

Each week we’ll do a brief on-line check in with a reading, a short silent meditation, and sharing about our challenges and successes on our Lenten journeys. (or you know, rants about how damn much we miss chocolate etc) Log in here at 7pm.**

(you can drop in whenever… New folks welcome.) All you have to do is sign in here just before 7am. The host logs in ten minutes early to help with technical difficulties.Please note that you sometimes have to hit the link twice the first time you load Zoom)

Live/In-person Ash Wednesday and Good Friday Contemplative Services

In partnership with our friends at Plymouth Jazz and Justice Church in Oakland, where Rev. Leslie Leasure, our curator, is a Minister in Covenant. More details on this soon.

All are welcome!

No belief system required…many of Into the Wilderness’ yearly activities are grounded in the progressive Christian tradition, while others emerge from the recovery community or other religious traditions. All are welcome to participate in any of the events/activities! (We are progressive, LGBTQI affirming, fans of diversity…see our home page for more details about our community.)

**Technical Details:  We’re using the Zoom platform, so you can pop over to Zoom and check that out beforehand. You’ll be asked to install Zoom (it takes less than a minute).  Of course, there will likely be technical difficulties, but that’s part of the fun of a spiritual practice.

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