Get a daily prayer texted to you during advent

Daily Flash Advent Prayer: Stay in touch this Advent season through daily prayer. Each day of Advent receive a brief prayer, written by Rev. Penny Nixon texted to your phone  at some random time (between 7am-7pm Pacific time). Let the surprise of it be part of the mystery. Let prayer enter in at unexpected moments and let it be an invitation to stop, to breathe, to experience the Holy in the moment.

To participate, text the word JOIN to 510-256-3366.  (This number will be inactive during our off months.)

All are welcome!

No belief system required…many of Into the Wilderness’ yearly activities are grounded in the progressive Christian tradition, while others emerge from the recovery community or other religious traditions. All are welcome to participate in any of the events/activities! (We are progressive, LGBTQI affirming, fans of diversity…see our home page for more details about our community.)

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