Quitting plastic week #1

What have I gotten myself into…? I saw that video with all the micro-plastic in the guts of fish and those giant plastic islands in the Pacific and thought, wow, we need to do better. Really: I need to do better. So. Quitting single use plastic is hard! Thanks for joining in! Also, remember, this is progress NOT perfection. It’s good to just begin…

This weekend prepare by taking inventory of what you need that usually comes in plastic. What can you replace? What can you get instead?

Watch Rev. Leslie assess her refrigerator contents…

Easy beginning: get some travel silverware to bring with you, a not-plastic water bottle and travel mug.

Weekly challenge: #PointlessPlastic: Greenpeace is leading the charge on getting supermarkets and corporations to decrease plastic. So, one of the actions they recommend is taking a picture of a pointless use of plastic and post it on social media (Facebook, Insta, Twitter). Include the hash tag #PointlessPlastic and tag the company involved. Also, tag Into the Wilderness @itwpu so we can do this together.  For more info, check out Greenpeace’s toolkit on this

For example: 

Really Barilla? We all know what Penne looks like. I mean, do we need a picture AND a plastic window? I buy tons of pasta — we can do better!! #PointlessPlastic @Greenpeace USA @itwpu

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