5 Minute Gratitude Devotional for Teen Girls

Random fun: I wrote book for teen girl-identifying folks.

New Resource for Teen Girl Identifying Folks

Scripturally based, progressive, and inclusive (sample below). Sometimes it can be hard to find materials for youth that include progressive Christian messages. ITW’s Rev. Leslie Leasure, has written a book, “5-Minute Gratitude Devotional for Teen Girls.” The book, published by Callisto Media, includes daily gratitude-focused devotionals for girl-identifying teens. It could be a great confirmation gift or Lent practice. You can buy it online at AmazonBookshop.org, or better yet, at your local bookstore.

If you would like to buy more than 10 books for a slight discount, contact Rev. Leslie directly at la@leslieleasure.com.

If you’d like to buy a copy you can do so on Amazon or contact me (see form below) for other options (I probably can get you a discount for multiple copies if you’re a youth pastor etc).

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