To receive a daily advent prayer via text, text ‘JOIN’ to 510-256-3366.

(Text ‘JOIN Spanish’ to the same number to receive texts in Spanish.)

Returning for its fifth year, the daily Advent text prayer project now reaches more than 300 people. If you have signed up previously, you will receive the prayers again this year. This year, we are adding a spanish language version as well. 

Basically, once you join you will receive a short daily prayer at a random time of the day (between 7am-7pm Pacific time). Let the surprise of it be part of the mystery. Let prayer enter in at unexpected moments and let it be an invitation to stop, to breathe, to experience the Holy in the moment. 

The daily advent prayer project is a collaboration of Into the Wilderness, the Congregation Church of San Mateo, and Plymouth Jazz and Justice UCC in Oakland. The project is created and hosted by Rev. Leslie Leasure at Into the Wilderness and daily prayers are written by Rev. Penny Nixon of the Congregational Church of San Mateo.

There are many ways to be intentional about bringing peace and spirit into Advent.  The busier we become, the more we need times to unplug and reflect on the things that really matter. So join us this year for advent!

If you’d like to support this project (it’s kinda time intensive) or the work of Into the Wilderness, please visit our support page. 

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