5 Minute Gratitude Devotional for Teen Girls

Random fun: I wrote book for teen girl-identifying folks. Scripturally based, progressive, and inclusive (sample below). If you’d like to buy a copy you can do so on Amazon or contact me (see form below) for other options (I probably can get you a discount for multiple copies if you’re a youth pastor etc).

Epiphany: A Practice of Wonder

Epiphany: January 6, 2016 to Feb 9, 2016 In Christian traditions, Epiphany is the manifestation of the holy/sacred in the world — a time of inspiration and awareness of wonder in the world. (see below for history notes) To celebrate the season of Epiphany (which runs from January 6-February 9) each day we will post…

Psalm September ’15 is Coming….

Looking for a way to jump start your daily meditation practice? Join Into the Wilderness for Psalm September. The psalms trace the full range and emotion of a life of faith —  from lament to gratitude (sometimes in the same verse). Some of them seem completely annoying and outdated. We’ll read those too. Join us…

Vacation Bible School Updates

1. Schedule updates!  See update schedule here…. Tonight at 6:30 we’ll be welcoming Dr. Sharon Fennema, Assistant Professor of Christian Worship & Director of Worship Life for a talk called “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner?!” which will focus on holy eating in Luke.  (Last week got postponed due to low holiday attendance. If you haven’t already…

VBS Lectures and Reflections

Miss a session? Don’t worry — we’ll be including recordings of the lectures/reflections here. We don’t record the discussions afterwards…so don’t miss out!  🙂