5 Minute Gratitude Devotional for Teen Girls

Random fun: I wrote book for teen girl-identifying folks. New Resource for Teen Girl Identifying Folks Scripturally based, progressive, and inclusive (sample below). Sometimes it can be hard to find materials for youth that include progressive Christian messages. ITW’s Rev. Leslie Leasure, has written a book, “5-Minute Gratitude Devotional for Teen Girls.” The book, published…

Gratitude and depression

I was dreading Christmas that year, 2011. It wasn’t the first holiday I’d spend alone – it had been seven years since I’d been in a romantic relationship during the holidays, and more than twenty since I would fly back to my hometown. Not that family has to be romantic or genetic; when I lived…

Gratitude Month is Coming 2018

Daily Gratitude List:  Make a list of things/people/furry critters you are grateful for and share it to the Facebook ItW Gratitude group.  It really lightens the mood of your newsfeed! Each season, Into the Wilderness offers a spiritual challenge on Facebook. Join our mailing list for updates.  

Advent Daily Text Prayer

Starting December 3, 2017 Stay in touch this Advent season through daily prayer.  Into the Wilderness, in partnership with the Congregational Church of San Mateo, will launch our daily Advent text prayer project on December 3, 2017. To receive a daily advent prayer via text, text JOIN to tel:(510) 256-3366.