Daily Practice

Courtesy of Sara Warfield

Part of this project is to encourage you to select a routine of daily spiritual practice(s) that will help you deepen your relationship with the holy.

We offer some practices people have found helpful below, as well as links to external sites that explain these practices. Most of these are Christian practices, but if other practices work for you, feel free to add them to your plan. Other religions have wisdom to share.

In addition, you can download a template to create your own plan. You don’t have to share this with anyone — it’s  a just commitment to yourself to set aside daily time for your process.

You can join our “secret” Facebook page for participants, where you can share your experiences and check in with other people if you would like accountability partners or just a place to say: This is hard! Or: I learned this… Or: How do you do…? Or whatever else you want to share about your experiences.

If you would like to participate in the online group, please send your Facebook name and your email to wildernesspopup (at) gmail.com. We will add you to the page and you can share your experience with others.

Plan Template


Lectio Divina


Wordless Intercessory Prayer (Praying for those we resent)

Transformational Prayer

Pray with Your Life

Fasting (*check with your doctor on this one and consider not doing if you struggle with eating disorders)

The First Stone

Prayer of Surrender

Giving: If you’re planning to give something up for a period of time (alcohol, smoking etc), why not consider donating the amount of money you save to a local nonprofit doing social justice work?

Service Work: Consider volunteering your time or skills to a local organization. The Into the Wilderness community is currently evaluating how we might do our service work as a group. Stay tuned.

(Check out the many wonderful practices from many religions at Spirituality & Practice — we aren’t affiliated with the folks at this site, but it’s a terrific resource).