priest shirtI hate giving things up. I have zero willpower. Seriously, for me, immediate gratification takes too long. So, what to do with Lent, a season that I used to understand as a time to give something up?

The gift of Lent for me is this: it is a time to give up something/take up something that allows me to step into my vulnerability so that I learn how to be more intimate with myself, other people, and maybe god/the celestial wonder dog/etc. It is useful as a time to take my heart into the wilderness of my brain and see if I can’t be just a little bit less numb or cynical.

This will be Into the Wilderness’ fifth Lent pop-up. We’re offering a few different practices to support you in your journey. And of course we’re still doing our morning meditation..

Hope to see you!  –Leslie

Into the Wilderness will observe our fifth Lent Season with the following activities:

Facebook Lent Practice Board

Share your Lent journey, be it mourning your chocolate, or starting a new practice with other ItW folks.

To joinhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/720285728015825/

All are welcome!