Giving Up Plastic for Lent

Make a Change for Lent! Quit Plastic!

This year, ITW will be attempting to eliminate or cut down single use plastic for Lent. (We’re actually starting on March 10, because Ash Wednesday snuck up on Rev. Leslie.)

Here’s the challenge: First, try to cut down or eliminate single use plastics at home. Second, take action by participating in our weekly action challenges.

We’ll send out a weekly email to help, and you can share your tips, wins, and struggles on our Lent FB group:

Here’s a handy calendar tool with great ideas from our friends at Anglican Communion Environmental Network and Green Anglicans (trigger warning for non-Christian friends: this is a specifically Christian resource and contains various scripture references) .

Sign up:

Why we’re doing this:

Key facts and information (from Greenpeace)

What’s the current state of the plastic pollution crisis: