Spiritual Challenges

Each season, Into the Wilderness hosts a spiritual challenge and a support/sharing group on Facebook. All groups are set to the closed section, and we ask that people share from their own experience, strength and hope, and support each other — but without advice giving, judgement or cross talk, which includes saying things like “you should do…”

These groups are open to all. Join at the beginning, middle, or whenever of the season.

Extraordinary Time: Summer/Fall 2016. Ordinary time is a long period of the liturgical cycle, so we won’t do just one task over the next several months. We’ll have different challenges. But for this first month of Extraordinary Time, I invite you to do a daily post on where you are finding hope today. Could be something you see, or a practice that sustains you, or a friend who shows up for you (or who you show up for!) ALSO: If you’re not feeling so hopeful, that’s ok too — feel free to check in with struggles and laments and “the idea of hope sucks right now” commentary.

Easter:  During the Easter season (March 27-May 14, 2016) Into the Wilderness welcomes you to a practice of renewal and rebirth. Each day, try a new thing and post about it here. Could be a new book or new meal, could be a new career or new relationship. Even could be trying to believe something new about yourself. Spirit is making things new again here in spring.

Gratitude Month: In November, post your five item (or one item, whatever) gratitude list here each day. Welcome to the gratitude vortex…anyone can join in!

Epiphany:  Epiphany is the manifestation of the holy/sacred in the world. Starting January 6 until Feb 9, 2016, each day we will post a photo or note describing a wonder in our day.

Lent:  Share about your Lenten journey — things that you learn, that inspire you, that challenge you. Feel free to rant. Or cuss. Or whatever.