Into the Wilderness

courtesy of Sara Warfield
courtesy of Sara Warfield

Into the Wilderness is an experimental spiritual practice-based community that meets both online and in real-time. 

No belief system required: While many of our activities are grounded in the progressive Christian tradition, we are not interested so much in belief as we are in practice.  Folks who identify as atheist, agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and spiritual not religious have all participated in our various programs. All are invited.

Into the Wilderness  hosts a range of activities aimed at building community, encouraging daily spiritual practice, doing service, and supporting creativity.

Check our calendar for ongoing events, including online meditation and our pop-up Facebook groups.

We are a progressive community, believing in radical hospitality (like, you know, Jesus) which means everyone is not only welcome, but everyone is needed here — that includes LGBTQ folks, people from across the economic spectrum, people of color, kinksters, those in recovery, bikers and drivers and divers, people who play lawyers on TV, people who choreograph dance routines with their dogs, people who like cat videos, and those who play WoW. Really. Everyone.

(About “wilderness”: It’s a metaphor. We’re not a hiking group. The community originated during the time of Lent, which is the period of the Christian calendar set aside as a time of contemplation, reflection, and preparation for change.)

As a group, we try to focus on our daily spiritual practices, since we believe that this work transforms us, makes us more compassionate and gives strength and support for social justice work.

Please join us, for any or all of our pop-up activities!