ItW Does Vacation Bible School! The Gospel of Luke!

We figured we’d celebrate the grand tradition of Vacation Bible School, by offering one of our own, for grown-ups.

We won’t be making felt sheep or finger-painting Jesus (unless you want to!), but we will be meeting online twice weekly to do an in-depth focus on the Gospel of Luke.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO ATTEND EVERY SESSION  (though, it’s fun if you do!)

Each week we’ll read 3 books of the Gospel on our own. On Monday mornings, we’ll log in for an interactive online meeting that will include a short guided reflection on what we have read, and then  a discussion & check in. These sessions will run on Mondays from 7am-7:45am PDT, starting on June 22.

It’s a great way to start the week!

On Wednesday nights at 6:30pm PDT starting on June 17, we’ll have a mix of longer online presentations by faculty at Pacific School of Religion, guided online actives, and two possible in-person service projects here in the Bay Area.

We’ll wrap up with a live camp out retreat for folks who live in the area.

How does this work?

What Bible do I use?  We tend to use the NSRV version.

How do I log in? For the online stuff, you’ll need to download Zoom, which is the conference platform we now use. It’s helpful to have a headset mic and ear phones (like you use with your phone).

These are the meeting links:



It’s good if you can log in a few minutes before the meeting to test your webcam and speakers. We all have technical difficulties, so don’t be shy and try not to get frustrated…(it’s kind of a spiritual practice to deal with online issues….sigh)

What if I have questions?  wildernesspopup at

Ooh! Is there extra credit?  Yes! These are optional — we recommend getting started by reading:

Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

Heart of Christianity

The Good Book

Sign up here:

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