Gratitude Challenge #2

Write a Thank You Letter (or Email) to a Childhood Mentor

The Rules:  Who influenced you in positive ways in your early life? Write a short letter or email to a mentor, teacher, or spiritual guide who made a difference for you.

You are invited to make the letter as specific as possible, for example: “I wanted to write and tell you how much — that thing you said/that day you stopped and listened to me/that time when I felt like someone really saw me/that time you protected me — meant to me.”

The note doesn’t have to be long. But you are invited to take the time to remember that person and time fully. Hold them in gratitude in your mind.

I know for some of us, childhood is far away and maybe those who mentored us have died or moved away. You can still write the note. Maybe you can send it to their child/ren, or leave it at a memorial, or create a ritual by reading it aloud, as if you were speaking to them.

Feel free to share that you have completed the task on the Facebook page. Also feel free to share any thoughts about the practice. What came up?

And really, don’t forget to join us TODAY for Gratitude at Thursday Noon with Rev. Penny Nixon!

Tech reminders: Headphones with a mic help cut down on echoes, using an ethernet connection is a bit better than wireless, only 6 cams can show at once, so sometimes we rotate…

Thanks for playing! Watch for the next challenge on Tuesday morning, and don’t forget your daily gratitude list!

All the links are now working beautifully. So click over to the Into the Wilderness website and sign up for stuff. Read the blog. Or just visit. However the Spirit moves….

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